Géant Casino

Géant Casino in France, leader of low prices, affirms its position of every day partner of young families and introduces its new concept of simplicity, efficiency and conviviality.
Géant Casino : High level of in-store service & Price positioning as key differentiators

Géant Casino

Key figures:

  • 124 stores worldwide as of 31 December 2017
  • Sales area per store : between 2,500 to 14,000 m²
  • Average sales area per store: ~7,000 m²
  • f
  • Total sales area : more than 872,000 m²
  • Turnover: more than €4,8 Billions
  • SKUs: more than 40,000

Les + de Géant Casino

  • Whole renovation of its visual identity with a return to basics of retail
  • Beauty area: “Pleasure & Fun”
  • Organic: one of the biggest range in France
  • Double entry U flow, articulated around the market area
  • Human-sized store
 The concept Géant Casino renewed in 2016 promotes fun and shopping convenience:
• Welcoming and service-oriented employees
• Warm atmosphere
• Modern and qualitative equipment
• Clear and efficient signage
• Predominance of fresh products
• Differentiating non-food universe (textile, home, leisure, electronics, e-commerce)