Le Petit Casino: the new proximity concept

  With Le Petit Casino, the shopping becomes a pleasure. The occasion to discover new products

and innovative services, that bring convenience and quality of life.

A convenience store, turned to the customer, with many services : fresh fruit juices, counter services (deli & cheese), snacking area, Wi-Fi, coffee or drinks on the counter, postal service, Western Union, …

A place of life and user-friendliness in the city, with a human-sized surface.

Le Petit Casino

Key figures

  • 5,392 stores worldwide as of 31 December 2017
  • Sales area per store: between 60  to 800
  • Average sales area per store: ~130
  • Total sales area: more than 726,000
  • Turnover: more than 2,5 Billions
  • Assortment : min. 2,700 SKUs for stores with sales area below 200m² and min. 3,700 SKUs for stores with sales area below 300m²