Grupo Éxito: better management of products on the shelves thanks to robotics

Following the example of recent robotic innovations adopted by the Group in France, such as the unprecedented experimentation of droid-assisted racing at Franprix, robotic order preparation with Exotec in the Cdiscount warehouses or the integrated solution for capturing and analysing rays from the Simbe Robotics robot at the Géant de Pessac, Grupo Éxito in Colombia is in turn banking on this technology to serve the Colombian trade.

The Zippedi robot, developed by the Chilean company of the same name, has recently been scouring the shelves of Envigado's Éxito store, looking for missing products on the shelf, checking displayed prices, tracking down labelling errors or reporting any product that is not in its place.
This robot allows store staff to free up their time and focus on serving their customers. In addition, the robot can comprehensively check thousands of products on the shelves, thus optimizing restocking and limiting out-of-stock situations.This experience is a first in the Colombian retail world and makes Grupo Exito a pioneer in this field.