Opening of two new stores, Franprix and Géant Express, in Dubai

Casino Group, through Casino Global Partnerships and its locally based team, continues its development in Dubai with the opening of 2 new stores operated by its affiliate partner Urban Foods.

Urban Foods opened on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 a new Franprix store in the Acacia district, which is located on a new real estate development in Emaar, between the Burj Khalifa and the Marina. This space covers an 8-hole golf course, a park, swimming pools and a gym just a stone's throw from the Dubai Hills Mall. The store is located at the foot of the building in a high standing residential complex.

The surface of the store is 469 m² and it is divided into 2 very specific parts, each with its own entrance. A "short circuit" part composed of a coffee shop, salad bar, bakery and fresh products (butcher's shop, cheese dairy, caterer) with a dining area seating 18 people. The second part "long circuit", with consumer goods, fruit and vegetables, organic products and Franprix markers at the entrance of the store (rotisserie, bakery, juice machine).

With already five Géant Express stores located in different areas of Dubai (City Walk, Downtown, Mudon, Remraam, Bay Gate & Burj Vista), Urban Foods and Casino Global Partnerships are continuing their expansion with the opening of a new store in the HILLS residential area on June 22, 2020. The store is located in a very high-class complex next to Dubai Golf Club and the Vida Hotel at the Marina, which is mainly inhabited by childless couples and singles with strong purchasing power.

The Géant express store was designed to meet new consumer expectations in urban areas. The store's assortment is quite large with notably international quality products coupled with a wide range of healthy and organic products.

The store is "all self-service" with an entrance/exit allowing the customer to view the entire store area. The entrance with fruit and vegetables and organic products gives it a dynamic, modern and wellness image. The short circuit in self-service charges encourages the customer to cross the "coffee shop" and "grab & Go" areas. Despite the 300 m² surface area of the store, the bakery area has been retained in the interest of reinforcing the fresh image of the bakery. Finally, the long circuit of the store ends with the Perfumery and its concept with illuminated shelves.