The Casino group presents its first trend book !

The Casino Group has always placed innovation at the heart of its development to satisfy and anticipate the expectations of its customers. This new initiative in France is inspired by the trend books of Whole Foods (US) and Waitrose (UK), references in this field. Its objective is to strengthen the positioning of the Group's brands in terms of product innovation and to provide guidelines to current and future suppliers, partners (NGOs, associations, etc.) and the media.

What exactly is a trend book?

It is a prospective synthesis of the food, hygiene, beauty and maintenance markets. Produced internally, it allows in particular to approach these markets more precisely and to provide a richer and more qualitative perspective.

It is made up of 7 trends from 4 areas:

For each trend, a specific goal :

- Reduce packaging or even eliminate it with eco-design pack

- Encourage bulk purchases to buy only the right amount of product

- Commit to animal welfare to meet a new societal expectation

- Inform about the source of supply

- Respond to consumer demand for naturalness and simplicity by offering guaranteed “free” products (additives, dyes, etc.)

- Develop more vegetable products to encourage the consumption of legumes and cereals recommended by the National Nutrition and Health Plan.

- Always offer more flavors and sensoriality because food in France rhymes and will always rhyme with pleasure and conviviality

« We are proud to have sometimes been pioneers in breakthrough innovations and carrying commitments such as the first labeling in favor of animal welfare or the rapid development of bulk sales at our points of sale. Positioning our product ranges on the trends of tomorrow is at the heart of our business. " Corinne Aubry-Lecomte, Director of Innovation, Quality, Industrial Pole and SME Relations.

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