Casino group no longer markets caged chicken eggs in France

In 2017, Casino group had promised to not sell any caged chicken eggs in these stores by 2020. He received a Golden Egg from CIWF, a NGO that advocate for sustainable farming. Golden eggs reward since 2007, companies and public Organizations that use (or, for companies only, who commit within 5 years) eggs or egg products no cage.

Since January 2020, Casino group and all its brands in France no longer sell chicken eggs from caged. A unique commitment in France, which concerns private labels and national brands. This decision, a first on this date for a distributor, concerns all of its brands, namely Géant, Casino, Monoprix, Leader Price, Franprix, Vival, Spar and Sherpa.

The Casino group supports its breeders and suppliers in the transition to an alternative breeding method, with multi-year contracts to help them in their investments. For its private label eggs, the Group has set up an outdoor sector, antibiotic-free and GMO-free. In result, 2 references had been launched in April 2019. The Casino group has already committed to going further by giving up the use of egg products made from caged chicken eggs in all of its own brand products by 2025.
A commitment that extends the one already made for shell eggs.