BAO, the concept specialized in low prices, adapted to emerging countries

The specialist in wholesale and retail food products at the lowest prices!

A profitable format requiring little investment, particularly suited to emerging countries 

Simple warehouse stores guarantee low prices, while offering comfort and security to customers.

A concept that meets the needs of individuals as well as professionals (restaurant owners, hotels, small independent traders)


Key figures

  • 1st BAO store in Cameroon opened in 2018

  •  A warehouse-store with 2,000m² of sales area
  •  Over 80 full-time employees
  •  More than 3000 products   

The + of BAO

  • Store-warehouse, simplicity of assets

  • Adapted and evolving assortment that meets customers needs

  • Many services (delivery service, order management ...)

  • Lowest prices on the market and degressive pricing based on volume

  • Complementarity with "compact BAOs", adapted to a neighborhood implementation

BAO Concept Presentation